"Some of our happiest customers leave crying because they haven't had enough!"


Lazy River

Enjoy views of beautiful Slidewaters and Lake Chelan while you float around the Lazy River

Added in 2012, this attraction is designed for those who want to create their own water fun or those who just want a laid back float along the over 500 foot river. Ease into the river through our large zero-depth area and enjoy play features around the entire river. The 150-gallon tipping bucket in the zero-depth area is a fantastic way to cool off!

Thunder Rapids

Adventure at your pace!

A tube slide classic, the river run is one of the most popular slides in the park because it provides a unique experience every time. Ride in your own tube and with a group of up to four people and enjoy multiple chutes, slides and shallow pools as you work your way down over 75 feet of vertical drop before the final crash into the catch pool at the bottom. Sliders must be 48 inches tall to ride.

Downhill Racer

Add a little competition to your sliding!

Three lanes of racing excitement, the Downhill Racer entices competition, friendly wages and trash talk as guests race on this head first mat slide. Enjoy a dramatic drop to start the race and then pick up speed over two more drops before racing to the finish line on the long run out. Advanced racers may need a more challenging finish line! Sliders must be 48 inches tall to race. 

Bug-A-Boo & Squirt Gun

These beginner slides offer the youngest of sliders an introduction to water fun

Bug-A-Boo is one of our beginner slides. This slide is perfect for parents and toddlers. Slide together or allow the brave young ones to slide solo while you wait to catch them at the bottom. This short straight slide gets plenty of repeat action from adventurous toddlers and youth.

Squirt Gun is a few more steps up the hill and offers a quick drop and a sharp turn for those kids ready for a little speed. This slide is perfect for youngsters looking to spread their wings and prepare for the bigger slides. 

Bug-a-Boo and Squirt Gun splash down right next to each other in the intermediate splash down pool. 

Whitewater & Run Amuck

Perfect for everyone!

Whitewater and Run Amuck are intermediate slides perfect for parents and young kids who want to slide together, race a friend or just enjoy a short, fast slide with quick turns. With the right technique the small flume of these slides can help get guests up to speeds not possible on our bigger slides, but also keep younger sliders feeling safe as they exit into the intermediate splash down pool. 

"The Mains"

The classics never get old!

Blue Blaster: An over 300 foot slide offering a great mix of straight runs, turns and drops. Enjoy it by yourself or with a young child.

Sidewinder: Be ready from the start on this slide as you enter a 360 turn almost immediately and then enjoy multiple quick drops, turns and a tunnel before finally getting splashed into the pool.

Corkscrew: Aptly named, this slide allows you to enjoy multiple 360 turns, fast drops, a tunnel and finally a big splash into the pool at the bottom.

Bonzai Pipeline: A favorite for parents and children to slide together this slide offers gentle turns, soft drops and a 360 degree turn at the end.

All four main slides (AKA: Red Light/Green Light slides) splash down into the same splash down pool above our waterfall. 

Purple Haze

Excitement and thrills you can't see!

For the most adventurous sliders, the Purple Haze is a completely enclosed, pitch black from start to finish slide that carries sliders through over 400 feet of twists, turns and drops before dumping them out into the light and water simultaneously. Slidewaters fastest slide challenges everyone to brave the Haze! Guests must be 48 inches tall, able to swim or wearing a life-saving flotation device to ride. 

Tube Blaster

Ride solo or double... this tube classic won't disappoint!

A tube slide that offers single and double tubes, this attraction is a guest favorite for sliders who want to give up control and handle over 400 feet of slide at high speeds. Multiple 360 degree turns and a surprise shower at the end of the slide provide a thrilling experience for riders of every age. Guests must be 48 inches tall or able to swim or wearing a life-saving flotation device to ride. 

Aqua Zoo

No one is too young for waterplay!

A special attraction designed to entertain guests under 48 inches, the Aqua Zoo has two kid-friendly animal slides, a whale with an active spout and a teeter-totter with a spraying surprise. The fun for everyone mushroom waterfall is located next to the Aqua Zoo.

Hot Tub

Hot or cold outside, the hot tub is ready for you!

Heated to over 100 degrees, the 60 person flower shaped hot tub is the perfect place to take a break from sliding and relax your muscles. Everyone should monitor their time in the hot tub and young children must be supervised by an adult. 

Slidewaters Grill

Something for everyone!

Our concession stand offers great food with great service and aims to have something for everyone. Choose from our hot dogs, corn dogs, chicken sandwiches, chicken strips, pizzas, Caesar salad, Caesar wrap, nachos, or the best burger in Chelan. To help keep your core temperature down you can also get the best ice cream deals in town, an iced coffee drink or a fruit smoothie. 

Gift Shop

The best Chelan apparel anywhere!

Stop by the Slidewaters Gift Shop to get your Slidewaters and Chelan apparel to wear with pride when you get home. In addition to the standard waterpark essentials-sunscreen, towels, sunglasses, swim suits, swim diapers, eyewear straps and swim covers-we also have some fun non-essentials to make your experience at Slidewaters even better.

Tiki Hut

Cool off quick!

Located by the Lazy River, the Tiki Hut offers a small variety of refreshments and snow cones. Stop by for a quick, cold treat! 

Air-brush & Glitter Tattoos

Add some temporary body art to that tan!

Pick out your favorite body art from over 100 temporary air-brush or glitter tattoos and have a Slidewaters Tattoo Artist give you some flare for the rest of your vacation.

Sand Volleyball Court

Take a break from sliding to pass, set, spike!

The competition quality sand volleyball court overlooks the lazy river and offers great views of Lake Chelan. Our net, boundary lines and sand are all professional tournament quality and are available for use by all guests. Find a loaner volleyball in the gift shop. 

Private Pavilions

Available as all day rentals

Slidewaters offers a variety of private picnic areas for groups who want to have privacy and a designated location for their group. Please visit our Pavilion page for more information. 

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